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Writing code and emails for a living.

  1. Multiple form themes in MailChimp for WordPress Pro

    A long requested feature has just made its way into MailChimp for WordPress Pro: the ability to create multiple form themes using the Styles Builder. It's one of those features of which I wonder why I didn't include it in the plugin to begin with. Styling individual sign-up forms Up…

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  2. A new site, built on Ghost

    It was about time I spent some time to work on my personal site. The old one was vastly outdated in terms of content and technologies used. I also didn't write a single blog post in at least 6 months, while there is more than enough going on in my…

    on WordPress, Ghost

  3. Version 2.0 of MailChimp for WordPress

    Almost a year after its initial release (June 2013) and close to 300.000 downloads later, I just pushed version 2.0 of MailChimp for WordPress to the WordPress.org plugin repository. Although the update doesn't come with too many changes or new features it brings some cool new features…

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  4. Only load Contact Form 7 scripts when needed

    For the second year in a row, Elliot Richmond is hosting WordPress Snippets Til Christmas. The name says it pretty much: a useful WordPress snippet a day, until Christmas. Very useful, for both starters as experienced WordPress nerds. I decided to get in on the fun and contributed a snippet…

    on Contact Form 7

  5. 100.000 plugin downloads in under 6 months - MailChimp for WordPress

    MailChimp for WordPress just broke through the 100.000 downloads mark. Less than 6 months ago, I wrote the first lines of code for it from a hospital bed in Vietnam.. It started with "a cute appendicitis" 6 months ago I was in Vietnam and not feeling well. I went…

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