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Scroll Triggered Call-To-Actions

Scroll Triggered Call To Actions? Yeah, maybe the name already gives you a rough idea of what these boxes do. Upon loading a page, they will be hidden. As soon as a user scrolls down the page and past a certain point, they slide in a corner of the screen asking the user to take action. It’s a pretty neat idea, if you ask me.

The idea: scroll triggered call to actions

I didn’t even know or care about scroll triggered call to actions until I read about them in an article on SEO Moz titled 7 Cutting Edge Web Design Trends (that Can Actually Improve SEO). Let me just quote what they’re saying about them..

What the..? Scroll Triggered Call to Actions? Yeah, you know what they are right? If not, shame on you. You should be using them! You’ll probably have a rough idea of what they are, due to the name. Well. Let me help you explain what they are and why you should be using them too.

Sometimes, you don’t want to overwhelm content with calls-to-action… At least, not until you’re fairly certain your visitor has finished reading. That’s where the brilliance of the scroll-triggered call-to-action comes in.

Browse any article on the New York Times website and you’ll see this behavior in action, driving you to read the next article in the series only after you’ve reached the bottom of the current piece:

New York Times Scroll Call-out

It’s great for boosting page views, but also drives more awareness of those pieces, improving links and driving up visibility for previously less-well-publicized works. My guess is that clicks are quite high.


Scrolling + triggers = more browsing, more awareness and more sharing (and I think the potential applications for SEO are far greater in quantity than just what’s been shared above).

What makes scroll triggered call-to-actions so brilliant?

I really hate pop-ups. The sad thing is that they tend to convert very well, even though they’re pretty annoying. Scroll triggered boxes are a neat alternative to pop-ups. They slide in at a corner of the screen, attracting attention of the visitor. Not blocking the page content they are not as annoying as pop-ups tend to be.

Also, because the boxes are hidden at the initial page load you can be sure that only visitors that really like your content will get to see your call to action. By then, visitors probably got something of value from your content making them more receptive to any offer you make them.

OK. I want one.

If you’re running WordPress, adding a scroll triggered call to action to your website is really easy. Just install my Scroll Triggered Boxes plugin, create a box, add some content and configure on which pages you want the box to show up.

If you’re not running WordPress, take a look (or have your developer take a look) at how to create scroll triggered boxes with jQuery.

What do you think about scroll triggered boxes?

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3 Responses to “Scroll Triggered Call-To-Actions”

  1. I have two different blogs(different themes) and on one of them the plugin works perfectly and on the other one it does not pop up.

    both have the latest WP and are on the same server.


  2. Hi… nice plugin!
    I have a problem… I’m testing it using TwentyTen theme… The Entire box fills the width of the page(body, precisely)… And I set the % to 50% of the page… But It shows up only at the bottom! Also, even if i select top-right, it shows up at bottom…

    Please help man…!
    Thanks in advance!

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