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100.000 plugin downloads in under 6 months – MailChimp for WordPress

Me in FV Hospital, Saigon.
MailChimp for WordPress just broke through the 100.000 downloads mark. Less than 6 months ago, I wrote the first lines of code for it from a hospital bed in Vietnam..

It started with “a cute appendicitis”

6 months ago I was in Vietnam and not feeling well. I went to see a (Vietnamese) doctor who ran some tests and then told me I had acute appendicitis, which I repeatedly mistook for “a cute appendicitis” due to his funny accent. :)

A few hours later my appendix was removed in surgery – I have a photo but I will spare you the details.

The next week I was on a lot of painkillers, bored and sleeping the days away in my hospital bed. The room was better than the hostels I had been staying in and a team of nurses was taking great care of me (and asking me to marry them, but that’s another story). I was actually enjoying my time in the hospital.

First lines of code

A Dutch friend brought me flowers and my laptop – gold. I couldn’t be more exited, after all I would have plenty of time to work on that idea I had for a new plugin.

I started playing around (coding) and a few days later, the first version of MailChimp for WordPress was available for download from the WordPress.org plugin repository. It didn’t do much besides adding a sign-up checkbox to your registration and comment forms but it was enough to have users provide me with valuable feedback. :)

From there, I iterated on a weekly basis, continuously improving the plugin, adding new features and smashing bugs. I built a premium version as well, which allowed me to spend more time on this and several other plugins.


100.000 plugin downloads!

Today, barely 6 months later the plugin has been downloaded over 100.000 times, I can’t be more happy about that. It was well received by the WordPress community and the plugin reviews reflect that – thanks everyone.


I learned a ton and really enjoyed every minute I spent on the plugin.

My mind is buzzing with ideas so I’ll definitely be focusing on developing more and better plugins in 2014. If you like to stay in touch: follow me on Twitter or subscribe to the newsletter I send out occasionally.

PS. Starting in February I will be doing my graduation internship at a company most (if not all) of you know, more about that later. :D

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9 Responses to “100.000 plugin downloads in under 6 months – MailChimp for WordPress”

  1. Great story, Danny! Glad you survived the operation. Excellent plugin!

    I made a comment on another site, and later realized it would be better made on your site, as you are the creator of Mail Chimp for WordPress.

    Here is the comment:

    I am contemplating switching over to Mail Chimp for WordPress plugin, as I am using Subscribe2 plugin. My host only allows 500 emails/hour, and I have to pay $10/month for the additional plugin that throttles Subscribe2 mail-outs. Please don’t talk geek to me (“…change you crone settings…’), as that kinda stuff is beyond me.

    So, my specific question is, does Mail Chimp have a throttle setting built in? So I can publish a post and less than 500 emails will go out in one hour? I have 750 subscribers, thanks!

    • Hi Alan,

      MailChimp newsletters (and other emails) are sent by dedicated servers which is always preferred over sending emails from your own server as their servers are optimised so your emails do not end up in SPAM folders. So, you probably won’t need the throttling functionality when switching to MailChimp. :)

      Hope that helps!

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