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Newsletter Sign-Up, added configuration helper: Config Extractor

With Newsletter Sign-Up having been downloaded over 50.000 times (combined with the old plugin) it was about time for me to release another update. I’ve been getting more and more e-mails on how to properly configure the plugin so I decided that’s where the plugin could use some improvements.

Although my detailed post on how to configure it certainly helped I decided it would be cool if I built some kind of tool that helped new users extract the right configuration settings for them. So here it is, the “configuration extractor” that comes with version 1.5.0 of Newsletter Sign-Up.

How does this “configuration extractor” work?

Basically all you have to do is provide a form snippet that you would normally embed in your website’s HTML code, paste it in the configuration extractor text area and hit the extract button. The tool will then try to extract the different values which are needed to get Newsletter Sign-up to work. The tool is still pretty minimal but I will work on it to improve it during the next weeks.

When the configuration settings the tool provided did not work, you can now more easily extract the right values yourself by using the cleaned up form that comes with the results of the configuration extractor. This is basically a stripped down version of your Sign-up form, which makes it way easier to extract the correct settings.

Have a look at the following screenshots to get a better idea of how the tool works or download Newsletter Sign-Up v1.5 straight away!

Let me know what you think of this update. The next thing i’ll work on is error handling and providing an easier alternative to style the form, besides using plain CSS. Of course all suggestions on how to improve Newsletter Sign-Up are welcome !

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