I enjoy simplicity, in everything. Unnecessary complexity is evil. Have a look at my WordPress plugins.

About Me



I am Danny van Kooten, a young and passionate Dutch guy with loads of experience building web applications.

In the past, I worked as a freelancer on various projects, ranging from small scaled blogs to pull-powered web platforms.

Nowadays, I build great web products with my company 12notions which will help you build your online business. The most prominent example of this is MailChimp for WordPress, with close to half a million downloads.


My first apps

At the age of 13 I took a JavaScript book with me on a family vacation. With no computer anywhere near me I tried to grasp the concept of what I was reading and dreamed about all the cool stuff I could create with this gained knowledge. A few weeks later I developed my first application in a very outdated programming language. For those interested, it was a “love calculator” that always scored 100% if you entered my name.

Another few months later, I developed an application for the Texas TI-83 calculator while in class. The application helped you solve the Pythagoras formula and became extremely popular at my local high school.

I loved that feeling and was hooked on programming ever since.

Studying Computer Science and starting as a freelance web developer

I started studying Computer Science when I was 19. A few weeks of classes later, I was bored. I found that I could learn at a much higher rate by consuming the endless amount of online resources on the subjects.

As a result, all my free time was spent reading and playing around with code. As most students, I needed money to cover the bills so I started taking on some freelancing jobs. In the 2 years that followed, I converted well over 200 PSD’s to full-fledged WordPress themes .

During those years, I released my first plugin for WordPress called “Newsletter Sign-Up”. At the time of writing, it’s downloaded nearly 200.000 times.

Me in Northern Thailand.

Besides nerding around..

When I’m not nerding around (not that often…) you’ll often find me visiting music festivals, eating, having a drink with friends or practicing sports, particularly mixed martial arts (MMA) or calisthenics. I’ve competed professionally 5 times (amazing experience) and participated in various Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) tournaments.

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