I enjoy simplicity, in everything. Unnecessary complexity is evil. Have a look at my WordPress plugins.

About Me



I am Danny van Kooten, a young and passionate Dutch guy with loads of experience building web applications.

My work ranges from small scale blogs to full-powered web platforms. I work with WordPress, a lot.


How it all started..

At the age of 13 I took a JavaScript book with me on a family vacation. With no computer anywhere near me I tried to grasp the concept of what I was reading and dreamed about all the cool stuff I could create with this new knowledge. A few weeks later I developed my first application in Pascal, a love calculator (I’m such a romantic).

Another few months later, I developed an application for the Texas TI-83 calculator that helped you solve the Pythagoras formula that became extremely popular at my local high school. I was hooked on programming ever since.

Studying Computer Science and starting as a freelance web developer

At the age of 19 I started studying Computer Science. After a few weeks of following classes, I was getting bored. I found that I could learn at a much higher speed by consuming the endless online resources. As a result, all my free time was spent reading and putting things into practice. Because I needed money to pay the bills I started doing some client work. I converted well over 100 Photoshop Designs to full-fledged WordPress themes in my first 2 years of freelancing.


I mainly work with WordPress nowadays. I am the developer of a few popular plugins like MailChimp for WordPress (which has a very cool premium version as well), Recent Facebook Posts and Newsletter Sign-Up.

Me in Northern Thailand.

Life goals

I’ve never, ever, been bored. I am a social guy but also comfortable just doing my thing, being on my own. I am no person to just sit around and “do nothing”, which is why I have some ultimate goals in life I am working towards most of the time.

  • Creating a cool product where people wouldn’t want to live without.
  • Graduating, not for the sake of graduating but for the sake of being done with following classes.
  • Be self employed for life. I’d love to work with a small group of people on something awesome that makes people happy.
  • Learning about many different cultures. I lived in Asia for the bigger part of 2013 and am hungry for more.

Besides nerding around..

When I’m not nerding around (not that often…) you’ll often find me visiting music festivals, having a drink with friends or practicing sports, particularly mixed martial arts (MMA) or calisthenics. I’ve competed 5 times (amazing experience) and participated in various Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) tournaments.

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