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Web Development

Delay scroll (and resize) handlers in JavaScript

While working on my newest plugin (Scroll Triggered Boxes) I had to attach a handler to the scroll event of the browser window to determine whether a user scrolled down far enough. While the logic for this is pretty simple, I had to put some thought into handling this the correct way. Directly attaching a […]

AltoRouter, another PHP Routing class.

A few months earlier I blogged about developing PHP Router, a PHP5.3+ routing class with support for REST routing and reversed routing. Well, last week I came across klein.php, a lightweight PHP router developed by Chris O’Hara. I particularly liked the fact that it’s pretty easy to specify certain type restrictions for your URL parameters […]

PHP Routing Class which supports REST routing

In the last few months I’ve been looking into all the different PHP frameworks and how they glue things together. One of the most important things in every framework is the way it handles routes. I’ve been developing Ruby on Rails applications extensively last year and I really like the way Rails handles it’s routes. […]

Draggable image map with zoom in jQuery

Let’s say you want to create some kind of ‘world map’ thingy where you have an image inside a viewport so that most of your ‘map’ overflows the viewport. You want the user to be able to drag around the image to view other area’s on the map and to zoom into different levels. Also, […]

CodeIgniter Sessions in IE7

Yesterday, while working on a fairly simple application that required a login functionality I came across a very strange problem with CodeIgniter and sessions in Internet Explorer 7. While testing everything seemed to work fine in all browsers, even in IE6 (I use IETester to test for the older versions of IE). But… here comes […]

IE fix for HTML 5 elements

If any of you had a look in the source code of my new theme here on DannyvanKooten.com you might have noticed that i’ve used some new HTML 5 elements for the mark-up. Nothing fancy, just trying to add some more semantic value to the different parts of a WordPress theme. The sidebar for example […]

Use PHP to create a dynamic CSS stylesheet

Did you know that you can create a dynamic CSS stylesheet using PHP? I come across a lot of themes and plugins for WordPress where users can create simple CSS rules from the admin panel. Most of the times the created CSS just gets printed in the head section of all pages instead of referencing to […]

jQuery drag and drop inventory (database interaction) [2/2]

It’s about time I posted the 2nd part of my jQuery drag and drop inventory tutorial. In the first part of this tutorial we’ve created the ability to drag certain items to certain spots. Now, we’ll look at saving the position of the inventory items so they will remain in their place after reloading the […]

jQuery drag and drop inventory [1/2]

Lately i’ve been playing around with some interactive systems for browser based games with the ultimate dream of once creating such a browser game myself. Don’t stop reading if you’re not into browser based games though, this tutorial could prove very useful for creating web applications too! This time i’ve used jQuery UI to create […]

Scroll Triggered Box with jQuery

Last week I released Qoate Scroll Triggered Box, a plugin for WordPress which shows a box that slides in at a corner of the screen after you scrolled past a certain point on your pages. I built this plugin with just a few lines of jQuery. In this post I’ll explain how I did it. […]