I enjoy simplicity, in everything. Unnecessary complexity is evil. Have a look at my WordPress plugins.


Version 2.0 of MailChimp for WordPress

Almost a year after its initial release (June 2013) and close to 300.000 downloads later, I just pushed version 2.0 of MailChimp for WordPress to the WordPress.org plugin repository. Although the update doesn’t come with too many changes or new features it brings some cool new features to the plugin. Support for CAPTCHA fields The […]

Only load Contact Form 7 scripts when needed

For the second year in a row, Elliot Richmond is hosting WordPress Snippets Til Christmas. The name says it pretty much: a useful WordPress snippet a day, until Christmas. Very useful, for both starters as experienced WordPress nerds. I decided to get in on the fun and contributed a snippet explaining how to only load […]

Add plain HTML social sharing links to your posts

I was going through the social sharing plugins for WordPress and found that most were either too complicated, bloated, poorly coded or ugly for my liking. I was looking to add simple sharing links for Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to my posts but I didn’t want to add an extra 50 kb of scripts to […]

WordPress plugin structure, don’t load unnecessary code

When developing WordPress plugins it is important to decide whether code needs to be loaded or not as early in the request lifecycle as possible. Why bother loading unnecessary code and hooking into actions and filters that will never run for the request being made? Having said that, it is also important to keep your […]

Automatically add a MailChimp sign-up form to all posts

When someone gets to the end of your post, they surely love what you have to say. It makes the end of your posts the perfect spot to ask your visitors to sign-up to your newsletter. It converts well and you’re asking right when they’re feeling great about your content. In this post I’ll show […]

Add a MailChimp sign-up checkbox to Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular free contact form plugins for WordPress.  MailChimp is a enormously powerful email marketing tool. There are quite a few guides on the internet telling you how to make the two work together. Unfortunately, most of them seem to overcomplicate things or use improper and unmaintainable code. This […]

Show a MailChimp sign-up checkbox in your checkout forms.

If you’re running an e-commerce website on WordPress, you’re in luck. You probably know how important it is to build your newsletter list throughout the years. One great way to get more people to subscribe to your newsletter is to show a sign-up checkbox in your checkout form. Why ask to sign-up to a newsletter […]

My newest WordPress plugin: MailChimp for WP

Around 2 years ago I started development of Newsletter Sign-Up, my most popular WordPress plugin which has been downloaded close to 150.000 times by now. A lot of people using this plugin were using it with MailChimp which is why I decided to start development of a completely new plugin: MailChimp for WordPress. This new […]

Enabling shortcodes in widgets, quick WordPress tip.

Let’s say you’re developing a plugin that registers a shortcode so that a user can output some kind of form in his posts. Now, the user wants to output the form in one of his widget area’s. One way to accomplish this would be to explicitly create a widget for it, add some fields like […]

Conditional Widgets in WordPress

While working on a WordPress theme for a cliënt he stated that he wanted to have page dependent content in the sidebar. In other words, a sitewide widget wouldn’t do because he wanted to hook widgets to certain pages, posts or categories. For example: the homepage showed widget #1 while the contact and the about-me […]