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Newsletter Sign-up

This plugin will definitely help you build or boost your email list(s). It provides various ways to let your visitors sign-up to your newsletter like a sign-up checkbox at your comment form or a sign-up form which you can include in your posts, pages or widget areas.

Configuring ‘Newsletter sign-up’ plugin.

UPDATE: Take a look at ‘Configuring Newsletter Sign-up‘ for a better guide on how to properly configure this plugin to work with your newsletter service.

I’ve made it as easy as possible for you to configure this plugin but it still important that you understand what’s going on behind the scenes to get the plugin to work. Whenever someone ticks the comment form sign-up checkbox and posts a comment, the plugin will mimic the post request that would have been made when someone signs-up using an embedded sign-up form.

So, if we’re going to configure this plugin we need the values from a “regular” HTML sign-up form, which you can get at your newsletter service.

The form action

The form action is the url where the request must be send to. For some newsletter providers all requests go to the same url but for others you need an url that has your unique ID in it. Take a look at the following form tag.

<form action="http://s1.mailinglist.com/subscribe?u=a2d08947&id=fd665ba" method="post">

What you’re gonna need here is pretty straightforward: the action attribute of the form element. So, in this case we need this: http://s1.mailinglist.com/subscribe?u=a2d08947&id=fd665ba.

The e-mail identifier

The e-mail identifier is the name-attribute of the input field that holds the email address in your HTML sign-up form.

<input id="mce-EMAIL" type="text" name="EMAIL" value="Your emailadress.." />

The name attribute is EMAIL, in this case. This is our name identifier.

At a minimum you should provide the form action and the e-mail identifier, these are absolute requirements to get the plugin to work with your newsletter service.

When using PHPList or Aweber you will have to provide a list identifier as well. You can The form action and the e-mail identifier are the least options that you should provide to get this plugin working with your newsletter. Like the other settings, you can find this by taking a look at a regular HTML sign-up form for your list. Look for a field with a name attribute list[#] or listname.

If you’re using another newsletter service which is not included in the dropdown, specify additional values using the additional data fields.

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Download Newsletter Sign-up

The Newsletter Sign-up plugin is available for download in the WordPress.org plugin repository.

Need support?

Please use the Newsletter Sign-up support forums on WordPress.org if you need any help.


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