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Scroll Triggered Boxes

Scroll Triggered Boxes are boxes that show after a certain trigger point on your pages has been reached by your visitor. This means you can have a box fade or slide in when a user reaches the end of your post, for example.

What makes this great is that you can be sure visitors are engaged before you ask them to take action. Human eyes are attracted to movement so the box is a sure way to get your visitors attention without being as annoying as a pop-up.

An example of a Scroll Triggered Box

The box content can be anything: social media sharing options, newsletter forms or contact forms.

You can use anything as the box its content. Basically, you create boxes as you would create posts or pages in WordPress. You can use text, links, images, shortcodes or if you’re feeling adventurous, your own custom HTML. The ability to use shortcodes inside the scroll triggered boxes is interesting, since it allows you to create very cool and useful boxes.

Sign-up or contact forms

I personally tested the plugin with my other plugin MailChimp for WordPress and the popular Contact Form 7, but any form plugin that utilizes shortcodes is possible.

Social Media Sharing

The same goes for social media sharing options. Any properly coded plugin that uses shortcodes will work with Scroll Triggered Boxes. Shareaholic and Social Media Feather are just two examples that will work beautifully.

Customized appearance, position and animations

The plugin comes with a few easy customization options that lets you control the position, the appearance and which animation to use when displaying a box after it has been triggered.

Scroll Triggered Box Settings

Download Scroll Triggered Boxes

The Scroll Triggered Boxes plugin is available for download in the WordPress.org plugin repository.

Need support?

Please use the Scroll Triggered Boxes support forums on WordPress.org if you need any help.


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