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  1. One million downloads

    Last Friday was a day of many milestones MailChimp for WordPress, which is by far my biggest WordPress plugin. The plugin experienced some crazy growth since its first release, less than 2 years ago. 1.000.000 downloads At exactly midnight UTC the plugin was downloaded for the millionth time…

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  2. 2014 - year in review

    Simply put, 2014 was probably my best year ever. I'm incredibly grateful for the chances I've been given in this past year and stoked to continue. This post highlights some of the things I've been doing in 2014.. MailChimp for WordPress At the start of 2014, my MailChimp for WordPress…

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  3. Periodically check WordPress core for (malicious) modifications

    Last Thursday I was at a WordPress meetup where Jaime Martinez did a talk about WP-CLI, a command line interface for WordPress. One of the very useful commands he showed is wp core verify-checksums, which verifies the checksum of all WordPress core files. It will tell you exactly which of…

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  4. Data type inconsistencies in WordPress

    Yesterday I tweeted about data type inconsistencies in WordPress plugins, something that has been bothering me for a while now. Inconsistent data types is quite common in PHP development as it is a "weak typed" language. In PHP version 5.3 and up, you can force the type of some…

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  5. Multiple form themes in MailChimp for WordPress Pro

    A long requested feature has just made its way into MailChimp for WordPress Pro: the ability to create multiple form themes using the Styles Builder. It's one of those features of which I wonder why I didn't include it in the plugin to begin with. Styling individual sign-up forms Up…

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