One million downloads

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Last Friday was a day of many milestones Mailchimp for WordPress, which is by far my biggest WordPress plugin.

The plugin experienced some crazy growth since its first release, less than 2 years ago.


At exactly midnight UTC the plugin was downloaded for the millionth time.

1 million!


In retrospect, just a little over a year ago the plugin was still at 100.000 downloads.

10.000+ downloads in 24 hours

While this is mostly due to people updating the plugin to the latest version, it is certainly a milestone I looked forward to.

Last Friday, the plugin was downloaded a staggering 12.000 times.

Not sure how long this has been the case but Mailchimp for WordPress is now featured on the “Most Popular” plugins sidebar on as #17.

More numbers

We did a post on the Mailchimp for WordPress Blog listing some numbers on the plugin.

I’m delighted to have reached those milestones and eager to continue this amazing journey.

A huge thank you to all plugin users for making this possible!