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  1. Only load Contact Form 7 scripts when needed

    For the second year in a row, Elliot Richmond is hosting WordPress Snippets Til Christmas. The name says it pretty much: a useful WordPress snippet a day, until Christmas. Very useful, for both starters as experienced WordPress nerds. I decided to get in on the fun and contributed a snippet…

    on Contact Form 7

  2. 100.000 plugin downloads in under 6 months - MailChimp for WordPress

    MailChimp for WordPress just broke through the 100.000 downloads mark. Less than 6 months ago, I wrote the first lines of code for it from a hospital bed in Vietnam.. It started with "a cute appendicitis" 6 months ago I was in Vietnam and not feeling well. I went…

    on MailChimp, WordPress

  3. Add plain HTML social sharing links to your posts

    I was going through the social sharing plugins for WordPress and found that most were either too complicated, bloated, poorly coded or ugly for my liking. I was looking to add simple sharing links for Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to my posts but I didn't want to add an extra…

    on WordPress

  4. WordPress plugin structure, don't load unnecessary code

    When developing WordPress plugins it is important to decide whether code needs to be loaded or not as early in the request lifecycle as possible. Why bother loading unnecessary code and hooking into actions and filters that will never run for the request being made? Having said that, it is…

    on WordPress

  5. Delay scroll (and resize) handlers in JavaScript

    While working on my newest plugin (Scroll Triggered Boxes) I had to attach a handler to the scroll event of the browser window to determine whether a user scrolled down far enough. While the logic for this is pretty simple, I had to put some thought into handling this the…

    on JavaScript, jQuery