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Reviving Ana as Fathom: simple & transparent website analytics

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Update (Mar 2019): I left the Fathom project.

As I was browsing my Twitter feed a few weeks ago, I came across the following tweet.

Paul's tweet about Fathom

I had the same idea in late 2016 when I set out to built my own open-source website analytics alternative called Ana. It even got some traction back then.

Sadly, I got sidetracked and didn’t spend any more time on it. I still firmly believe in the idea though.

Knowing Paul as a super knowledgeable power-user of our Mailchimp for WordPress plugin, I tweeted him that I would love to help out, if at all possible. And it was!

Together, we are setting out to build website analytics that is simple, transparent and that respects your visitor’s privacy. We’re a few weeks in at this point and already running a beta version on our personal sites:

Fathom dashboard for this site

We’re developing Fathom out in the open; here’s Fathom on GitHub.