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Recent Facebook Posts

This plugin for WordPress lists the most recent posts from any given public Facebook page and is a more  customizable alternative to using Facebooks like box. The plugin comes with a widget, a shortcode and a template function.

The Recent Facebook Posts plugin settings page

Why use Recent Facebook Posts over Facebooks Like Box?

Why would you use this plugin over the default Facebooks Like Box? A variety of reasons come to mind..

Blends in with your theme perfectly

The plugin comes with a default CSS file that will blend in with most WordPress themes perfectly. Should you need more customized styling rules you can choose to write your own CSS by target the many useful CSS selectors.

When using Facebooks Like Box you will have to deal with the colors and styling rules that Facebook provides, as there is no way to style the content of the Like Box.

Search Engine Friendly

The Recent Facebook Posts plugin displays your posts as valid HTML. Facebooks Like Box is rendered using JavaScript and iframes, which makes the content unindexable by search engines. With this plugin you can make your Facebook content a real part of your website.


Fetched posts from Facebook are cached for a customizable time period using WordPress core techniques. This makes loading the posts from Facebook as fast as loading a regular WordPress post.

Configuring the Recent Facebook Posts plugin

To use this plugin you will need to create a Facebook application so the plugin can use the Facebook API.

1. Register as a Facebook developer here.
2. Create a new Facebook application. Only fill in the name field and click continue.

That’s all. Now head over to the settings page of Recent Facebook Posts in your WordPress admin panel, located in Settings > Recent Facebook Posts.

3. Fill in the App ID / API Key and the App Secret of the Facebook application you just created.
4. Fill in the Facebook Page Slug or ID of the page you would like to fetch posts from. You can use this tool.
5. Save your settings and test if your configuration works by hitting the Renew Facebook Posts button.

Download Recent Facebook Posts

The Recent Facebook Posts plugin is available for download in the WordPress.org plugin repository.

Need support?

Please use the Recent Facebook Posts support forums on WordPress.org if you need any help.


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