Danny van Kooten

Writing code and emails for a living.

WordPress plugins

In the last few years I developed a few WordPress plugins, together totalling close to 2 million downloads now.

Without further ado, here are some of the most important plugins for WordPress I developed.

Plugin Name # of downloads Released in
MailChimp for WordPress 910.000+ July 2013
Simple Custom CSS 200.000+ August 2013
Newsletter Sign-Up 220.000+ March 2011
Widget Blocks 130.000+ Juny 2011
Recent Facebook Posts 125.000+ September 2012
Scroll Triggered Boxes 40.000+ November 2013
Social Sharing by Danny 19.000+ November 2013

Together, these plugins are totalling well over a million downloads. I have over 10.000 (active) paying customers.

For a full list of plugins I developed, have a look at my WordPress.org profile.